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In order to gain access to entrance gates in Rochford Park, the management company is asking all owners / landlords to create an account with ACCESSGREEN . This will be the administrative account for you to manage which mobile numbers can open the gates.


Owners / Landlords should then complete the Quick Start Guide: This takes about 5 minutes.

During the Quick Start Guide you will be asked to supply the Eircode for your property in Rochford Park as well as your name, your email and your mobile number. These should be your personal details (not those of your tenants – see step 4 below) so you can open the gate.

Note: ACCESSGREEN do not manage parking permits in Rochford Park so there is no need to enter your licence plate.


ACCESSGREEN will then process your registration. This will be done the same day (Monday to Friday) you complete the Quick Start Guide as we need to verify the details. When your registration has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your mobile number has been added to the list of numbers that can make a call to open the gate.

Note: Adding a number to one gate in Rochford Park, adds the number to both gates.


Once your registration has been confirmed (step 3), you will be able to log in to your account and return to this web page page ( to view / add / remove other numbers. These numbers will automatically be added to the system within one hour. Each number added will receive a GSM gate “permit”. You will receive confirmation by email and text. A maximum of 4 numbers per unit are allowed.

The following GSM gate permits have been issued for your property. A mobile with a GSM permit for gate 1 is automatically granted access to gate 2.

You need to be registered for this facility to manage permits.

You need to be registered for this facility to manage permits.

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