Communal Waste Study

The Communal Waste Study Project is research undertaken by accessgreen ltd. in partnership with PBTI – People Behaviour & Technology Integration Group, part of Cork Institute of Technology’s (CIT) Nimbus Centre.

This project will be the largest study of attitudes and behaviours of residents to bin stores and the recycling of organic waste. The aim of the project is develop an approach to support better engagement and communication with residents to understand and eventually improve their recycling and waste management behaviours. We believe this will result in making the bin storage facilities cleaner and more sustainable resources for the residents.

The first stage of project is to undertake a survey of attitudes and behaviours of residents to the bin store. This survey will be carried out at the end of 2018.

Stage 1
The survey asks residents about their attitudes and behaviours relating to the bin store. This survey is being conducted anonymously by CIT. accessgreen will not share any geographical or personal details with CIT and residents surveyed will not be asked to provide identifiable personal details. The answers will be grouped by bin store and processed by PBTI Research Group from Cork Institute of Technology and combine it with usage data. Examples of usage data would be the amount of waste per bin store over time.

CIT will not share the answers of individuals with accessgreen. The data accessgreen receives as a result of thi survey is not identifiable. Instead accessgreen will receive statistical data for each bin store.

accessgreen will handle all communication with residents. Each resident will receive a maximum of two notifications by SMS about the survey.

The second stage of the project will take place in the new year and will involve only one development, where resident can volunteer to work with accessgreen and CIT to reduce their waste and recycle better.
accessgreen’s privacy policy for residents private data is not altered by this study available. You can view it here:

This work has emanated from research supported in part by a research grant from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund under Grant Number 13/RC/2077 and 16/SP/3804.

accessgreen is proud to be an CONNECT industry partner. 

10/12/2018: This article was updated to explain in clearer terms the use of data in the survey in phase 1.