Thinking differently

accessgreen has an innovative approach to communal facilities in apartment blocks. We view them as resources.

Rather than the bin store being a places to dump rubbish, we see it as resource that benefits the residents and owners. However, it is a resource that provides diminished benefits to everyone if each individual pursues his or her own self-interest.  This is the case, for example, when a resident disposes of commercial waste or large items of furniture. The bins overflow and bags of rubbish end up on the ground. It quickly becomes impossible for other residents to use the facility.

So we work with residents to make the bin store a sustainable resource. We believe this is why the feedback we receive is about the positive impact on the whole development, not just the facility

Having had numerous issues with our communal bin houses in the apartment complex, we employed accessgreen to install their system nearly two years ago. It has reduced our waste disposal costs, illegal dumping and increased the efficiency of the whole complex. I would highly recommend accessgreen & we look forward to continuing a successful relationship with them in the years to come. Noelle Owner occupier/Director of an OMC in Kildare We had a problem with our bin store. We had tried changing the locks, working with the county council but each measure had failed. The biggest change has been the whole aesthetics. The money saved has been reinvested in the complex. It's a completely different complex. The system has enhanced the value of property in the development. Val Director of OMC in Newbridge I contacted the management company where dumping was occurring outside and they put me in contact with accessgreen. I worked them since February and the transformation in the area has been excellent. The helped with things like education, leaflet drops, and new waste initiatives. I found them to be very professional, helpful and efficient. John Litter Warden in Kildare Prev Next

We have now successfully expanded our services to enhance the management of other shared facilities, like car parking, bike stores and entrance gates.