Fine Appeals

This form allows users to appeal fines where they think a mistake has been made.

A person can appeal a fine by completing the form below. A person has two weeks from the issuing of the fine to pay or to appeal the fine. After those two weeks, if the fine has not paid or an appeal has not been lodged, accessgreen limited will not accept appeals and the unit may lose access to the facility if it has not done so already until the fine is paid.
The appeal will be dealt with within 30 days internally by a designated member of accessgreen staff. If an appeal in not upheld and a person wishes to challenge that finding, a further appeal can be opened at a cost of €250. This will pay for an independent arbitrator to review the appeal. This fee will be repaid to the person if the second appeal is upheld. This second appeal will be dealt with within 180 days of the second appeal being lodged.
Fines will be issued in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of using the facility and the house rules governing the use of common areas. The house rules are available from the property manager. Fine are prepared by accessgreen limited working on behalf of the management company. Fines are issued by the Management Company under the MUD ACT 2011 Section 23 (11) to “recover the reasonable costs of remedying” a material breach of the house rules. As such the fine may be “recovered as a simple contract debt in a court of competent jurisdiction”. In practice, all fines are issued using a scale which factors the amount of time and effort necessary to remedy the situation. This includes the ongoing costs of managing access control, monitoring and issuing fines as well as any other reasonable costs incurred. Access to the facilities may be denied to the unit until the debt is settled. CCTV footage/stills available upon request where applicable.
Each fine is issued with a 5 digit Fine reference number. This number is required to match your appeal to the fine.
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Do you dispute that either you or another person used your mobile or PIN to open the bin store on the date noted on the fine notice?(Required)
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Do you dispute that the action, which has been detailed on the fine notice as the reason for the fine being issued, happened?(Required)
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