About us

What we do

accessgreen was set up to make living in an apartment complex better: greener, more affordable and more enjoyable. One way to do this is to help residents to co-operate.

How it works

We have modelled a system that efficiently manages bin stores. The system is equal parts psychology, economics and technology.

Psychology: We help residents to put into practice their own environmental goals.   

Economics: The system leverages government policy incentives to reduce waste management costs.

Technology: Our system uses the latest in cloud-based IoT to manage registration, access and monitoring.

Our story

Four years ago, we piloted the system where I live. We reduced waste collection costs by 50 per cent and capital costs were repaid in six months. Last year we were able to reinvest €22,000 of the savings we made on waste collection on a new LED and sensor lighting system for the common areas.

I think you’ll agree that this counts as making things better.

accessgreen limited is now an Enterprise-Ireland backed venture whose ambition is to improve apartment living across the world.

What matters to us

Our goal is to give you the best of both worlds: the environmental benefits of improved waste management – along with the significant cost savings that this brings. We want to do this, all the while ensuring that residents’ privacy is treatment with the respect it deserves.

Who we are

My name is Gavin Brangan and I am the CEO of accessgreen limited. I’d love to talk to you about what my business can do for you.