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Surveys are a great example of how many people doing the same task independtly can generate great value their community.

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Sustainable Waste & Resource Management Project

The project

Naas Tidy Towns have teamed up with ACCESSGREEN to offer a range of tools to individual residents and businesses so that they can take part in effective actions to help Sustainable Waste & Resource Management in Naas.

The project is funded by Naas Tidy Towns and run by ACCESSGREEN. 


The goals

Benchmark sustainability

It is very important for our community to establish where Naas is now in relation to Sustainable Waste & Resource Management. By carrying out a range of Quick Surveys now and over a period of time, Naas Tidy Town aims to benchmark the communities achievements to data and monitor progress going

Coordinate individual actions for greater collective gains

There are a range of brilliant community groups in Naas that people can join and attend. The aim of this online community is slightly different. This website offers individuals and groups, including businesses, a means to tie their individual actions into the larger local effort to improve the sustainability. In other words, we are trying to coordinate, report and acknowledge  everyone’s targets and achievements.

Surveys – Taking a snap shot of sustainability in Naas

SV-04 Quick Survey – Domestic Waste

SV-06 Quick Survey – Transport for Car Owners

SV-07 Quick Survey – Walking, Cycling and Public Transport

The actions

This project offers a range of actions from small to big that people can take to make a difference. To get started why not try…


One-click actions

Community Challenges

One-click Actions – Make a difference with just a click!

1CA-02 – Plant a tree with a click

By creating an account you can work away anonymously alongside others in the community, all pulling together.

Completed the survey? Want to get more involved? Here’s 3 easy steps…



Create an account with your name & email. We won’t share you details.

Join the Group

Join anonymously to take on the challenges and win badges & prizes.

Challenge yourself

We have selected challenges that the community faces that can tackled by coordinated individual action.

Join today

Naas Tidy Towns provides a range of resources and challenges through this  online group. By joining the group, we can link your efforts to what others are doing in the community. You can also take part in the Community Challenges.

Note: by joining the online group you are not joining Naas Tidy Towns and accessgreen will not share any personal details with Nass Tidy Towns.