We produce too much waste.

In apartment blocks, when we produce too much waste it is very obvious.

Too much waste being dumped in a bin store.

Communal bins fill up quickly and overflow. The bin store becomes unsafe and unhygienic.

When bins are full or bags are left on the ground the bin store can no longer be used properly.

This mirrors what is happening in our society. We are producing so much waste, we can’t manage it properly in our waste facilties.

Des Crinion managing director of Panda Irish Packaging Recycling standing among bales of recyclables ready for shippping from the plant at Ballymount Rd., in Dublin . Photograph Moya Nolan

Our behaviour doesn’t make financial sense. Too much money is spent on waste disposal. On top of that there is all the money spent cleaning up after us. And we just can’t afford the cost to the environment.

So what do we do?

Let’s start with the bin store.