When using a communal facility like a bin store, little actions can make a big difference. 

Be Considerate

It’s your bin store. It’s also your neighbours’ bin store. So be considerate. 

Please keep it clean, clear of rubbish and safe to use.

It might seem like a small thing at the time, but bags left on the ground are often ripped open by birds or cats. This creates a mess.

It may be human nature. When one person leaves a bag on the ground, other people quickly do the same. This is the snowball effect and it can a physical barrier to using the bins.

Others think it’s better to throw their bags in but when they miss, this creates an even bigger mess. And even Michael Jordan missed his shots sometimes.

Be Clear

Please dispose of household waste only.

These are examples of types waste not allowed in the bin store: Commercial waste; Furniture adn building materials; Electrical goods; Christmas trees.

Under Household Waste Bye Laws it is a legal obligation to sort your waste. This is true for apartments too. 

Please do not use black refuse sacks. The Waste Collectors won’t take the recycling bin with black bags in it.


And please please please no nappies in the recycling bins.

To learn more, see https://www.mywaste.ie/what-to-do-with-my-recycling/ There is information there in English, Irish, Polish, Russian and Chinese

Be Involved

All ACCESSGREEN bin stores, have clear rules. We can all have a more sustainable bin store by following them. We can also keep costs down.

There are also penalties for those that break the rules. These penalties are scaled from €60 to €240.

Did you know that under Section 23 of the Multi-Unit Development Act the Management Company are entitled to recover reasonable costs of remedying a material breach of the house rules?

This means there is a legal basis for the management company to impose fines on residents and landlords.

Getting everyone involved

When ACCESSGREEN conducted a survey with over 250 apartment residents, over 75% said there were things that would sometimes demotivate them from recycling. The #1 thing: “Other residents don’t sort their waste correctly.”

That is why we ask everyone to complete this Quick Start Guide before they use the bin store. 

We also ask everyone to make a commitment to use the bin store correctly.