We layer our services and offerings to offer an individual or complete approach to bin store management. Owner Management Companies can choose the products/services that they require. As an invest-to-save scheme, the reduction in waste collection costs can cover the price of system. The average saving on waste collection costs is 38%.

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Eye-catching signage for the facility

Bin store poster

We present key points in a visual format covering both how to sort your waste and use the facility. The posters are built upon the foundations of the national campaign relating to sorting waste: mywaste.ie

These signs are designed so that they can be used independently of our system in any bin store.

Waste reduction & recycling education

The ReDiscovery Centre logoaccessgreen is a member of the Circular Economy Academy 2020 in The ReDiscovery Centre, Ballymun. We also work closely with the environmental sections of the local councils. We aim to provide the clearest and most effective information to residents. accessgreen can supply flyers and newsletters to any development that wishes to take action to fight poor waste practices.

Social contract

Our social contract, signed by each bin store user, is a pre-commitment to reduce waste.

Signed pre-commitments are a proven tool for behaviour change and ensure that residents are aware of the rules governing the bin store.

Access control, user validation and authorisation

access facility

A key factor in protecting a shared bin store against fly tipping is restricting access to only those people who should have access. accessgreen validates registration details before authorising the user’s phone to open the door.

accessgreen can provide this user management service to help run car parking and gate access.


accessgreen provides feedback to residents about the bin store so further improvements can be made.

In fact, the registration process requires user consent for direct communication concerning all common areas/facilities.  Advance notifications sent to residents are an effective way to deal with an issue before action has to be taken.

Monitoring and fines/penalty procedure

Many developments that install CCTV to monitor the bin store have no means to implement sanctions on those who misuse the facility. accessgreen’s unique system ensures action can be taken. To be exact: in the first two years 197 actions were taken, with 152 successful outcomes.

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