Using the bin store properly is easy


Put your waste in a bag/container

Sort your waste at home, and bring it to the bin store in an appropriate container. 2

Empty your waste into the correct bin

Remember Dry/Mixed Recycling should not be in a black sack. It should be clean, dry and loose. 3

Registered users only

The bin store is for registered users only. Please close the door after you.

However, when using a communal facility like a bin store, little actions can make a big difference so we’d ask you also to be considerate of others and be clear about the rules so the bin store is safe for everyone to use.

The fines detailed below reflect the amount of effort needed to put the situation right.

It’s your bin store. It’s also your neighbours’ bin store. So be considerate. Please keep it clean, clear of rubbish and safe to use. It might seem like a small thing at the time, but bags left on the ground are often ripped open by birds or cats. This creates a mess.



Dumping outside the bin store creates litter and attracts vermin.
Fine: up to €500

One bag left on the ground can quickly snowball into a pile of bags.

Leaving bags on the ground can stop others using the bin store properly.
Fine: up to €120

Please dispose of household waste only. These are examples of types waste not allowed in the bin store: Commercial waste; Furniture and building materials; Electrical goods; Christmas trees etc.

Dumping bulky items can block access and increases costs for all.
Fine: up to €120 + cost of removal

Under Household Waste Bye Laws it is a legal obligation to sort your waste. This is true for apartments too. Please do not use black refuse sacks. The Waste Collectors won’t take the recycling bin with black bags in it.

To learn more, see There is information there in English, Irish, Polish, Russian and Chinese

Contaminants of Dry / Mixed Recycling bin

Contaminating recycling bins can mean the bins aren’t collected. Fine: Up to €240

Please! Please please please no nappies in the recycling bins.