At every level

From individuals to blocks of apartments all the way up to municipal level, we are producing too much waste.




As households…

We are asked to sort our waste.

As part of an apartment block community

Tenants, owner-occupiers, landlords, the caretaker, management company, the waste collector all have to play their part to reduce waste and costs.

As a nation…

We have agreed to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals. Goal #12 sets targets for us to achieve.

To help all these stakeholders pull in the same direction, you are being asked, as a resident or landlord, to commit to using the bin store in way that leaves it clean, clear and safe for people to sort their waste.

Next we will explain why penalties are being defined.

As the bin store is for registered residents only, in the final section we will ask you to sign up for access to the bin store.