The best motto is not to waste things.”

These are the words of David Attenborough speaking at the end of 2019. We decided to make it our motto here at accessgreen and we challenge you to make it your motto too. 

For Attenborough’s message is one of passion and hope for our world. “The one thing we all have to do, in every aspect of our lives, is simply not to waste. Don’t waste plastic. Don’t waste food. Don’t waste power. Live the way you want to live, but just don’t waste.”

It is powerful statement for one person to make. 

But an individual’s actions will struggle to make a difference. 

But acting together, in our communities, we can.

 That is why we, at accessgreen, have taken it as our mission statement. It is how we want to live our lives and run our business. To act together is difficult, to share resources is difficult. That’s why were here to help our customers act together reduce waste less and save money.

Sir David Attenborough says this is the one thing everyone should do to help the planet.

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— World Economic Forum (@wef) January 22, 2019