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Your personal vehicle licence plate & permits

You need to be registered for this facility to manage permits.

Each resident / owner can register the licence plate of their own vehicle. It is restricted to one vehicle per per person. Up to two residents can register for accounts per household.

If you want to add a new personal licence plate, you must first remove the existing licence plate. By removing the licence plate, all permits previously issued to it will be voided.

You can also renew the permits for your personal registration plate for another 365 days.

Your valid permits & visitor permits

Please see your permits below.

You need to be registered for this facility to manage permits.

Check to see if a licence plate has permit

You need to be registered for this facility to manage permits.

Visitor vehicles

You need to be registered for this facility to manage permits.

Parking Rules

  1. Vehicles parked in the development must display valid tax and insurance details.
  2. Vehicles must be parked in a designated parking bay. It is against the rules to park anywhere other than a designated parking bay at any time.
  3. Vehicles parked in a designated parking bay must hold a valid parking permit. 
  4. Permits will only be issued to qualifying units/households (see below) and to agents/contractors/staff employed by the Management Company and its agents (see below).
  5. Vehicles must be parked in such a manner that they do not interfere with the clear passage of pedestrians, wheelchair users as well as other road vehicles.
  6. When parking, vehicle owners must show consideration to the needs of other residents.

Examples of when a vehicle is not compliant with the parking rules:

  1. If it is parked anywhere in the development without a valid permit 
  2. If a vehicle, with or without a permit, is parked anywhere other than a designated parking bay.
  3. If it is parked on a double yellow line.
  4. It is parked on the footpath
  5. It is parked in such a manner that part of the vehicle blocks off a footpath

Overflow parking bays

To help ensure residents can enjoy the convenience of parking near the entrance to their property, when a household has more than one car, the second car should be parked in the overflow parking bays near the green opposite units 1-24. This applies to visitors too when parking bays are in demand. Please see photo below showing the location of the overflow parking bays.

Picture showing overflow parking bays in the Waterways

Qualifying Units/Households

Residents and owners from Qualifying Units/Households may register for a permit for their vehicle. 

There is a strict limit of one permit per person (not including short-term, visitor permits). Each person must have their own ACCESSGREEN account.

Only 2 residents per household may register for permits for their vehicles. 

All relevant service charges for the Qualifying Units/Households must either have been paid in full or the unit in question must be on an approved payment plan. An approved payment plan is one which has been agreed and confirmed in writing by the Management Company. 

To make payment arrangements, please contact the managing agent’s accounts department. Please note that applications of permits from non-qualifying units will not be processed. 

Should a unit fail to meet their payment plan commitments or miss a payment, all permits issued in relation to that unit will be revoked without notice and the vehicles in question may be clamped.

How to register as part of a household

Residents and owners must:

(1) create an account with ACCESSGREEN themselves. 

(2) They must then complete the Quick Start Guide to Using Shared Facilities.

Users will be prompted in the Quick Start Guide to enter their name, mobile number, email and vehicle registration plate. A permit for this vehicle will automatically be created.

Types of permits

There are 4 types of permits:

Resident parking permit 

A permit for a 1-year period for a registered user who is a current resident in the development. There is a maximum of 2 resident parking permits per unit/household.

Landlord parking permit  

A permit for a 2-year period for an owner on the list of members of the Management Company. This permit is for infrequent parking in the development so that landlords may come and go to attend the needs of their tenants and the property. This does not include overnight parking or for parking to use the train or leave the estate.

Frequent visitor parking permit 

To facilitate the role of carers etc. in our community, a resident may request a Frequent visitor parking permit which is a permit for a 1-year period for a non-resident to park 9am-6pm Monday – Friday. These permits are issued by request and at the discretion of the Owners Management Company.

Visitor parking permit

A permit for a 24 hour period only. This is for visitors, contractors etc. Only registered users can request a visitor permit.

Parking permits are issued only when authorised by the Owners Management Company.

Conditions related to the issuing of permits

All permits are valid for a set period of time only. Permits may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Management Company. Permit holders will be notified when a permit is no longer valid. Permits are considered no longer valid when:

– the resident’s tenancy ends or the owner’s lease is terminated

– the validity period for the permit lapses

– the permit is revoked

– the owner of the property and their tenants no longer qualify to be issued with a permit by the Owners Management Company.

Enforcement of parking rules: Stage 1 – Warnings & Invalidation of permits

ACCESSGREEN will issue a warning to the owner of a vehicle with a permit that is parked in violation of the parking rules. 

Failure to acknowledge and act in relation to the warning will result in the parking permit for that vehicle being revoked. 

Warnings will be issued by email to the registered email address.

Examples of when a permit may be revoked:

– The vehicle/owner fails to comply with the parking rules.

– It is found that the number of permits issued to one household exceeds the stated limit per household. In this case, all the permits previously issued to the household will be revoked and residents/owners will have to apply for permits. It is important that ACCESSGREEN is informed when there is a change of tenants so this can be managed smoothly.

Enforcement of parking rules: Stage 2 – Clamping

Clamping will be managed by APCOA under instruction of the Owners Management Company and its agents.

The Management Company will instruct the clamping company to clamp a vehicle that is:

  1. Parked in a parking bay in the development without a permit. This includes vehicles that may have invalid or revoked permits. 
  2. Not parked in a designated parking bay. 

Release fees must be paid to APCOA directly.

Signage in relation to clamping will be visible throughout the estate.

Terms and conditions last updated: 07/12/2023

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