Everyone knows the challenges for sharing a communal bin store in an apartment block: Fly tipping by non-residents, dumping of large items, careless disposal that leaves a mess for others.

There are advantages too. Collection charges are cheaper; Fewer bins; fewer collection visits – meaning fewer emissions.

People need a little bit of help to cooperate and that’s where accessgreen comes in with our unique bin-store system to make things run smoother and reduce costs.

How do you know accessgreen is for you?

Has there been a reduction in your waste costs over the past 3 years?
On average, our customers have reduced their waste collection bill by 35%.. Read a testimonial for our customer.
Do you know who used the bin store today?
accessgreen offers a cloud-based system for access control. This stops fly tipping, increases accountability and allows the OMC to control who get access.
Are there enforceable penalties if residents misuse the facility?
accessgreen’s system can identify who is responsible for dumping and misuse of the facility.
Do you actively help residents reduce both the amount of waste they put into the bins? What about helping them sort their waste?
accessgreen has a unique, nudge-based ongoing education system that promotes and encourages recycling – leading to reduced bin charges

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then accessgreen can help.